At the start of 2021, the Woods family was my first photo session of the year. And lo and behold, they were my first session of 2022!

Erica, the momma of the group, and I went to high school and played soccer together. I only played for a year because I had a ton of other interests like media and theater, but if I remember correctly, she went on to play most of the time while we were in high school. She was definitely a way better player than me, so makes sense why she went on to play much longer than me - haha!

Both she and her husband, Caleb have such a nice and chill demeanor, which makes sense why their son, Silas, is such a sweet little boy. He's turning two in February! I've loved getting to capture this beautiful family two years in a row and am excited to see what their future holds.

📍 White Rock Lake