It's not every day you meet a kindred spirit. Vashti is one of those people for me! I met her through our friend Alexa, who recommended me as a photographer for Vashti's wedding earlier this year. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to photograph that special day for her and her husband, Jarrod. And since the wedding, we've been able to get to know each other better and grow as friends.

It's moments like these that make life fun! Community is everything. Getting to do life with others who share similar beliefs is what keeps us grounded and strengthens our own core values. So, it's been awesome not only getting to take photos of people but to become real friends with them!

Vashti was needing some new photos of her to promote her awesome blog and podcast. Check her out! She is so full of wisdom and gives lifegiving advice to those desiring a closer relationship with others and God. I promise it's worth your time!

📍 White Rhino Coffee | Waxahachie, TX