There is so much to say about this couple! I've said before that Joy and Derrick are my muses, and it's all because they embody everything and more that I want in a creative photo session. All my clients dress to impress, but the Hicks always bring extra flair and sophistication. By looking at their photos, you can easily see what I mean!

One of my longest friendships has been with Joy. We met when we were in the fifth grade and have kept up with each other through the years, which is rare, so I most definitely value our conversations and time together. She's always been in my corner and supported me in everything I've done. She is truly one of the greatest! Getting to know her husband, Derrick, is like a bonus prize. He's full of life and so kind and compliments Joy in all the best ways.

I am so appreciative of them and all the support they've given me in this photography journey. I've been able to grow my business because of amazing people like them. I will never get tired of photographing these two!

P.S. Can't forget to mention their little furbaby (more like Derrick's little sidekick hehe), Zeke! He's so cute!

📍 Vantage Street Studio | Dallas, TX