With the holidays in full swing, it was the perfect time to capture my last photo session of 2021 with the Anekwe family! I've had the privilege of photographing this family three times, and they always come so well-dressed and ready to go for the camera.

I met Akuziem (mama of the group) through a mutual friend in 2020. She had given birth to her precious daughter, Ivanna, I believe 3-4 months prior. You can imagine how small Ivanna was then, so it's been a beautiful thing seeing how she's grown from then to now.

I hope to photograph this family for more sessions to come!

P.S. The studio where these photos were taken is located in Frisco. It's actually an upstairs room in someone's home. Akuziem found it online. Is it cute?! The hosts were super friendly and kind, too!