A few years ago (more like several now - yikes), I graduated from college and was a bit clueless about where I was heading in life. Although I had a full-time job waiting for me back home in Dallas (I went to school in Oklahoma City), it wasn't the job I dreamt of my entire life. I don't even think it was a job or industry that I imagined for myself. I say all this because meeting Bryanna was really inspiring. When we met up for photos, she sounded so passionate about her plans after college. Full of newfound confidence knowing where she was headed and yet, just enough spontaneity within her, to keep her future interesting.

Like myself, Bryanna is a winter grad. She graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University with quite a list of achievements. She earned her Bachelor's in Counseling, an Associate's in Religious Studies, a minor in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a minor in Addiction's Counseling. *exhales* This girl was not playing games!

And most excitingly, she is packing her bags and headed to Washington D.C. in the spring to work on her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology! I am so excited to follow her journey and see the adventures she's going to continue to take on. Life's too short to not go for it. Way to go, Bry!

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