This session took place right in the middle of summer. If you live in Texas, you can imagine how hot it was, but luckily, it was windy that day, which made it less disgusting - ha! And the wind also helped with getting some epic hair shots of Azlynn.

I met Azlynn at Shoreline City Church in Dallas, where we both served in the children's ministry. She definitely became one of my good church friends who I'd meet up with before a service or grab lunch with after to catch up on our lives. When the pandemic hit last year, I hadn't seen her much like most friends. But of course, we kept in touch over social media. When she reached out earlier this year with the news that she was getting married and asked me to take her engagement and wedding photos, I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. It's always exciting taking photos, but when it's your friend, it's at a whole other level!

Damon is such a great, down-to-earth guy! Seeing them together truly shows how much they care for one another, and I couldn't be happier for them.

📍 White Rock Lake | Dallas, TX