I've known Adrian's sister, Maria, for nearly 18 years. We met at school when we were in the fifth grade. Since I've known her for almost two decades, it comes as no surprise that we've become very familiar with each other's families. We both have an older sister and younger brother, so I remember when Adrian was so little and just a little boy.

But aside from normal aging, not much has changed - especially when it comes to his relationship with his sisters. The bond between Adrian, Maria and their older sister, Reyna, is something so special and reminds me a lot of how I am with my own siblings. Every accomplishment, no matter how big or small, is celebrated with lots of food, fun and with gusto! So, Adrian's high school graduation was going to be an above-and-beyond type of celebration, which he most definitely earned and deserved.

Family is everything. And for the Ipiñas, that statement rings true 110%.

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